NationalNet Acquires Assets of RevShare Hosting

ATLANTA -- NationalNet, Inc. has acquired the servers, hardware and other hosting equipment assets of the recently closed RevShare Hosting. 

NationalNet is purchasing the assets to boost its product offerings and server availability to meet the demands of a growing dedicated server business. The equipment includes top-of-the-line Intel-based servers, the company said. 

"I am pleased to work with RevShare Hosting because the acquisition of this many servers powerful enough to run an entire free hosting operation at such a low cost will allow NationalNet to resell these quality servers at prices that were unavailable to NationalNet clients at any point in the past," said CEO Tony Morgan in a statement.

Matt Collins, CEO of RevShare Hosting, also commented on the deal, adding it would make sure RevShare's affiliates are taken care of.

"By selling these servers and assets to NationalNet, I am able to secure the liquidity necessary for an orderly wind up to the RevShare Hosting business and to ensure all webmasters in the RevShare Hosting system are paid as promised," Collins said.

In the coming days, NationalNet plans to launch a new campaign, using the newly acquired hardware, targeting new, potential customers.

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