NAD Network Offers Affiliates Mad Money

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - The NAD Network, a new group of high-def BJ niche sites, has launched a surefire webmaster affiliate program called NAD Money.

"The NAD Network was designed from the ground up to be a high-conversion and high-retention program," said network spokesman Tony Nads. "We've created funny bios and scene descriptions to hook surfers, and our exclusive content delivers on that promise."

The network currently hosts four sites, each combining the universal appeal of the BJ with a distinctive concept: the high-intensity humor of I Fucked Your Stupid Face, the blunt anonymity of I Swallowed A Stranger, the foot-to-mouth feeding frenzy of Sole Blow, and the irreverent interracial site Jigablow.

The subscription package also includes a bonus BTS site called NAD Insider, and will expand next week to include interracial MILF content on I Mutted Yo Mama.

"Niche content is what retains and converts surfers the best," Nads said. "Jaded, weary consumers have come to realize that intercourse is pointless and drains too much energy. Our sites allow the user to get in and get off with ease. Let's face it: we'd all just love to get blown and go about our day. And that's the kind of freedom we offer to our members."

All of the NAD Network sites deliver exclusive high-definition content in a variety of formats: Windows Media HD and SD, Flash Video, and iPod.

"Flash video is the new thing, because it's embedded right in the page," said Nads. "It's like YouTube, but a bigger box; it's actually pretty cool and easy to use. And with nothing to download, there's no evidence for your wife to find on your computer. It's her own fault, anyway, since the frigid bitch won't blow you any more." 

The NAD Money program offers a 50/50 rev share to affiliates for the duration of each membership. In addition, the network pays a 5 percent webmaster referral fee.

"All you need to do is sign up to NAD Money, and use our Webmaster Referral program to sign up webmasters," Nads explained. "We'll pay you 5 percent of the revenue generated by these affiliates, and 2.5 percent of the revenue of any affiliates they sign up, too. You even get 2.5 percent of the revenue of any affiliates that their affiliates sign up! The NATS affiliate management software that powers NAD Money will track and automatically calculate your payout for up to 8 tiers of referred webmasters. This is literally a cash pyramid for anyone who sends webmasters/affiliates to our program!"

The network is frequently updated with new content to the tune of 50 scenes per year. Tony and his fellow NADmen will work with webmasters to tailor the program to individual specs.

"If the webmasters want anything, they can contact us and we will be happy to customize our program to meet their needs," he said. "We'll provide special banners, free content, custom galleries, RSS feeds; if they want Lana Violet to sit on their lap while they add our gallery links to their site, we're here to make it happen."

Interested affiliates should sign up at and e-mail any questions to [email protected]