Conducts Survey About Surfing Habits

UNITED KINGDOM—The news broke yesterday, but we were so gobsmacked by it that we couldn’t deal with it until today., a provider of discount voucher codes, promotional codes and coupons for U.K. online stores, has conducted a survey. Simply wow.

Of stunningly lesser significance, results tallied from 1,183 males found that 1 in 10 surf the internet for porn and that 40 percent of that number do it while their partner is in the other room. Actually, the survey found that 8 percent of the men said they used the internet primarily to surf porn sites, but who’s counting?

 “The survey found that a majority logged on to the web to catch up on the day's news (34 percent), followed by latest sports news (17 percent) and doing shopping (14 percent),” according to, which adds, “Three percent admitted visited their favorite porn site daily, while 39 percent visited the sites only once a week.”

As far as we’re concerned, however, the more likely percentage of Brits wanking off to porn sites on a daily basis is probably much higher, while those choosing to do it with their partner in the next room is probably much, much higher. Of course, none of that occurred (or matters) to

"Men using the internet for sports news, shopping and pornography doesn't shock me at all," Mark Pearson, company chairman, is quoted as saying. "However, I was shocked to see that men use the internet secretly; this indicates that their partners wouldn't be happy with the sites they are visiting.”

We interpret that to mean that porn site voucher codes will be available shortly.