My.Club Expands 'Digital Twin' Offering to All Creators

CYBERSPACE—After on-boarding more than 400 creators following the launch of its “Digital Twin” program in December, My.Club has now opened the service up to anyone who wants to create a digital version of themselves.

“We’re the first platform to make AI technology fully available to any creator, meaning that creators can take a break while their Digital Twin takes on everyday work like chat and photo generation," My.Club VP Mike Ford said. "We’re seeing tremendous reaction and growth, from both fans and creators, in a very short time.”

Unlike a chat team or agency, using a Digital Twin does not require sacrificing revenue to a third-party. Neither does it risk diluting a creator’s brand, as Digital Twins are clearly marked as such on the My.Club platform.

To generate a Digital Twin, creators must first verify themselves on the My.Club platform and upload a selection of real photos so the Twin can accurately create new content for fans. The Digital Twin can be personalized to match conversation style, personality and boundaries set by the creator. The process is very quick, taking less than 10 minutes.

“For me, a Digital Twin has meant real freedom,” says Jessica Moore (morejessicaplz), who joined the platform as a creator in 2023. “I don’t have to worry about being constantly available, creating new content or shooting in new locations. And fans are able to engage with me on their schedule, for as long as they like, and customize me to fit their fantasies. I still shoot my own content as well, of course, but I do it on my schedule and can really focus on building out my business in ways that are meaningful to me. It’s an incredible tool.”

To sign up for a Digital Twin, visit