MPA3 Software Offers Webmaster Checks Processing

LOS ANGELES - Mansion Productions' MPA3 software solution now allows webmaster affiliate programs to add all Webmaster Checks payment processing options from within their own software systems.

Mansion Productions said MPA3 is ideal for program owners who want both in-house operational control and the freedom to outsource procedural tasks.

"MPA3 affiliate payout services is now a complete solution for our clients," CEO Oystein Wright said. "Beyond [statistics] tracking, this venture allows our customers to process affiliate payments via ACH, wire, checks, Euro checks and ePassporte within their affiliate software. The flexibility of so many payment options and the solid reputation of Webmaster Checks as a first-class dependable company made them the perfect choice for us to partner with."

"We are looking forward to meeting the needs of MPA3 clients and are excited to have the opportunity to work with Mansion Productions," said Rich Lloyd, owner of Webmaster Checks.

For information on how to activate Webmaster Checks services, visit