Mowser Finds New Home

DUBLIN, Ireland - Just weeks after saying he was pulling the plug on his transcoding business, Mowser

owner Russell Beattie has announced that dotMobi has acquired the site and technology.


In his blog on the site, Beattie said dotMobi representatives contacted him last month at the same time he announced he was closing the site due to a lack of quality traffic and the inability to raise funding.


"Today is the official announcement that they've acquired the site and technology and will be adding to their growing number of services targeted at mobile publishers," he wrote Friday. "This is great news."


Beattie said he and his partner were approached by several companies after his initial posting, in which he went so far as to say "I don't actually believe in the ‘mobile Web' anymore, and therefore am less inclined to spend time and effort in a market I think is limited at best and dying at worst."


"We went with dotMobi because they were first, enthusiastic, and we felt they would provide a good home for our work," he wrote Friday. "While we didn't get rich on the deal by any stretch, I've been able to pay off a bunch of debts ... which has been a huge load off my mind."


Beattie said he will stay on with Mowser through the transition and will serve as a consultant in the coming months as the service is integrated into dotMobi's back end.


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