MovieQuickie Officially Launches

Recently joining the ever-growing market of Internet video-on-demand is MovieQuickie, which just recently launched and is ready to revolutionize VOD.

MovieQuickie isn’t just another VOD site, according to MovieQuickie founder Kory Kupiszewski.

"There is no advertising, sponsorships, or affiliate programs—and yet the website is still gaining industry buzz in the forums, blogs, and around the water cooler," he said. "For starters, the company resides in the Valley in a very convenient location for developing personal relationships with studios and independent content providers."

Also, maybe it’s because Kupiszewski isn’t just a random guy who entered the adult VOD market. In the past, he worked on photo and video shoots for Penthouse, Adam&Eve, and ClubJenna.

"I think it’s because we’re creating a fresh, new business model for adult videos, known as the iTunes of porn," Kupiszewski explained. "Customers can get on our site and find exactly what they’re looking for, on a pay-per-scene basis, $1.99 a pop.

"Studios have been really excited about the new concept because we’re a young and motivated company that is willing to take a chance without copying what’s already out there," he continued. "I’ve been getting studios referring me to other studios, which is a great compliment."

So far, MovieQuickie has a reputable lineup, which includes Adam&Eve, Bad Seed, Combat Zone, Doghouse Digital, Exquisite, Gothic, Madness, Notorious, Peach, Platinum Blue, and Smash Pictures to name a few.

"If a customer is a fan of, let’s say, Carmen Luvana, we not only list the movies that she’s in, but also each individual scene we have in our library can be purchased with the click of a button. It would take someone half of their pay-per-minute package just to click around a full feature to find what they’re looking for on our competitors’ sites. We offer a seven-day rental download, or—for a few bucks more—you can watch it as many times as you want."