Announces December Promotion

PHILADELPHIA - has announced they will pay $30 per signup through December 2008. The promotion - which the company has cleverly titled the "Webmaster Bailout, Holiday, Election '08, Economic Stimulus, Joe the Plumber, Phillies Win World Series, Michael Phelps' Eight Golds, ‘Yes We Can'" promotion - marks the first time the program has offered a payout per signup. is the affiliate program for, a video-on-demand site.

Webmasters can earn the payouts on signups through,, and, as well as any of the white-label sites.

"VOD is a perfect match for any webmaster. We're offering $30 PPS as an extra incentive for webmasters to promote high converting VOD sites. This will also pay it forward to existing affiliates who need extra cash now," said Monica, affiliate manager. "There's a lot going on in the world right now, and we're here to help."

The company traditionally offers revenue share as a payment option for webmasters, but made the change for December to help webmasters who might be in need of quicker payouts in the coming weeks.

"We have always felt that revenue share is definitely the way to go with VOD," Monica said. "However, it's become apparent some webmasters prefer immediate, one-time payouts. They do not want to wait for revshare to match and ultimately exceed what they are used to being paid by membership site affiliate programs."

After the December promotion, all link codes will automatically revert to standard 25 percent revshare for new sign ups.

For more information, visit or contact [email protected].