MooCash Launches OneCams

BUTSCHWIL, Switzerland - MooCash has announced the launch of OneCams, which will feature live shows and chats with well-known adult-industry talents.


Among the site's upcoming pay-per-view events are shows featuring amateur icons such as Brandi Love, IsisLee and Kelly Kayne. Credits bought at any of MooCash's sites can be used at OneCam.  


According to Craig Tant, MooCash's marketing director, the advantage of this program is that affiliates will be paid for all shows surfers watch and all of their chats across the network.


"There will be no expiring cookies and no maxed credit card that could cost you sales," he told AVN Online. "Imagine your surfers being able to chat directly with the largest industry icons directly after shows, and you being paid a percentage of all these chats. I am very excited to be a part of a program that finally allows the talent to promote their own sites in such a straightforward manner, while allowing large pay sites to team with high-profile talent to cross-promote. A lot of people think that traffic alone is important, but the truth is that traffic combined with live personalities equal conversions."