MŌN App Announces ‘Let’s Talk Sex Summit’

AUSTIN, TexasThe MŌN App, an audio community that brings together experts and enthusiasts to talk about sex, is set to host the "Let’s Talk Sex Summit" in partnership with sex and relationship coach Catherine Drysdale, starting on Oct. 10 and running through Oct. 13, 2022.

Kicking off on World Mental Health Day, the Let’s Talk Sex Summit is an interactive, digital event series where experts lead real, candid convos on sex. This multi-day digital event will explore relationship dynamics, communication, consent, gender and sexual identity, safe sex practices and more.

“Launching on World Mental Health Day was intentional,” says MŌN founder Caleth Jones. “We want to shed light on how deeply connected the topics of mental health, sex, and relationships truly are.”

Sexual wellness content garners billions of views on TikTok from Gen Z, however, the strict limitation and censorship placed on the conversations around sex makes it challenging to provide accessible educational content to those who need it most. “With the current political climate, it was important to include the conversation of reproductive health at the forefront, with a panel led by Planned Parenthood representative Joan Miller,” says Jones. “We’re excited to announce that the content will be available in our MŌN media library even after the summit ends for anyone who can’t make it to the live panels.”

“Sex Education failed us,” says co-host Drysdale. “In order for us to shift the way we think about sex, we have to change the way we talk about sex. I’m excited to bring together nearly 30 experts for LTS to educate in a way that appeals to the TikTok generation with bite-sized education. Our programming was designed to be inclusive of gender identity, sexual orientation and non-traditional relationship structures.”

Keynote speakers include creators and experts such as Dr. TaraDr. Justin LehmillerLora DiCarloBryony ColeYana Tallon-Hicks and Dr. Evan Goldstein, who will touch on topics such as sexual communication, the science of fantasy, anxiety, boundaries and non-traditional relationship dynamics, gender and identity, and the future of sex, amongst many other panelists and topics.

The full list of speakers is as follows: Alyssa Ljubicich, Illana DunnLily FrascottiLeanne YauFlo OliveiraMehgan SapphireKate MortonLilly SparksLey David Elliette Cray, PhDJoan Grace Miller, Tricia a.ka. Safe SlutAdrienne Rommel aka Yoni NutritionistSuzanna Brusikiewicz aka SuzbubAlexa + Jordan BowditchLucy LaForgeLindsay BanksStephen Quaderer and Ashley Smithers

To learn more, visit themonapp.com and download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Follow MŌN  on Twitter @themonapp for more details.