MobVision Joins Mobile Marketing Association

The world's largest adult mobile advertising network MobVision has announced they have joined the Mobile Marketing Association on behalf of their mobile advertising networks Admoda and Adultmoda.

In addition to the significant benefits Admoda's membership will offer, MobVision believes Adultmoda and its unique insight into the 18-plus mobile advertising sector will prove predominantly remarkable. No other MMA member company openly offers an adult mobile Internet advertising solution on the scale that Adultmoda does. The mobile advertising network serves millions of ads daily on the mobile website.

"We're pleased to welcome MobVision to the rapidly expanding MMA community of members," said Laura Marriott, president of the MMA. "The diversity of our membership continues to reinforce our ability to drive effective collaboration across all parts of the mobile marketing ecosystem. We're looking forward to MobVision taking an active role in our mission to educate the industry and lead the development of guidelines and best practices, enabling brands to leverage opportunities, whilst ultimately ensuring a positive consumer experience."

MobVision are confident that Adultmoda's knowledge in adult mobile advertising will proffer the MMA and its members a precious insight into a rapidly growing adult advertising market on the mobile Web.

"Adultmoda can add some real value to a huge sector of mobile advertising that has remained swept under the carpet," Sebastian Garel-Jones, MobVision account director commented. "We are working on a global basis with most of the adult mobile brands and we believe it is crucial they get a voice and benefit from all the invaluable work the MMA does for mobile advertising. It is essential that adult mobile advertisers/publishers are fully aware of the mobile advertising guidelines and are able to contribute and benefit from MMA developments and best practices."

Adult is often first to capitalize on new marketing and billing methods so it is extremely important that the adult sector is not left in the dark about mobile advertising best practices.

Both Adultmoda and Admoda have been active for more than two years in which time they have gained an unrivalled experience of both the adult and non-adult mobile Web advertising market.