Mininova Trial Pushed Back to June

UTRECHT, Netherlands – The trial of BitTorrent listing site Mininova has been pushed back to June. The court case had been scheduled to begin Wednesday as the site faces Dutch anti-piracy agency BREIN, charged with enabling and foster copyright infringement.

As previously reported by, Mininova recently started removing some listings of torrents for copyrighted material.

BREIN has a history of forcing torrent sites offline and wants Mininova to filter all search results, so any torrent files leading to copyrighted content are removed.

According to TorrentFreak, Mininova stated the trial was postponed due to "personal circumstances" of its defense attorney and "explicitly nothing to do with the content of the case."

The trial's outcome is likely to determine the fate of other BitTorrent index sties based in the Netherlands and possibly those hosted elsewhere, should they be brought up on similar charges in their respective home countries.

"The case won't say much about the legality of torrent sites, but it will give more insight into what measures BitTorrent indexers and similar services have to take in order to make sure that they don’t link to illegal content," Mininova President Erik Dubbelboer told TorrentFreak

The trial will come down to whether or not site owners must actively filter for copyrighted content.

Mininova has listed music, films, TV programs, games and also porn content, some of it infringing on rights holders.