'Mini-Me' Sex-Tape Snippet Back Online

LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles judge has allowed celebrity-news website TMZ to repost a 25-second clip from a sex video featuring actor Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer and former girlfriend Ranae Shrider.


Shrider, a 22-year-old aspiring actress, signed documents Tuesday in federal court stating the tape was created with her video camera, not Troyer's, and that she gave TMZ permission to air the clip. The judge then reversed an earlier order that forced TMZ to remove any portion of the tape from its website in response to a $20 million lawsuit Troyer filed against TMZ.


In addition to reposting the clip, TMZ published a report stating Shrider is actively shopping the tape, asking for a minimum of $25,000. 


The clip, which shows Shrider and Troyer passionately kissing, was broadcast last week and accompanied news reports that celebrity-sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt was shopping the video and that adult video rental company SugarDVD had offered $100,000 for the tape, provided that Shrider and Troyer agreed.


SugarDVD is still barred from taking orders or distributing the tape.


Troyer filed the lawsuit last week, claiming the tape was stolen from the apartment he and Shrider share.