Mini-Me Sex Tape Released On Overseas Website

LOS ANGELES - While actor Verne Troyer successfully sued and got a court order to block distribution of a 50-minute sex tape in the United States, an overseas company is distributing the tape online. - which was live as of Monday morning - features still images from the tape featuring Troyer - who is best known for his role of Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" films - and his former live-in girlfriend Ranae Shrider. Additional photographs of Shrider also appear on the website's homepage. The full tape is available for download from the site for $9.95.

Neither Shrider nor Troyer could be immediately reached for comment.

A WhoIs check on the site shows it is registered to JBG Ltd. and is registered in China.

Existence of the tape was made public back in June when Shrider showed portions of it to celebrity gossip and news website . In an exclusive interview with AVN, Shrider confirmed the tape was made consensually during the couple's stay over Easter weekend 2008 at Raffles L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Shrider said the couple had been dating for several months when they decided to document their intimate moments during a romantic getaway.

"Neither of us had ever done anything like that before," she said during the interview. "We thought, ‘Why not?' We were in a beautiful setting, and we thought it would be something good for our personal use."

Troyer later filed a $20 million lawsuit against TMZ, SugarDVD (who publicized a $100,000 for the rights to be able to distribute the tape in the U.S.) and celebrity sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt, who made a name for himself after he brokered the Paris Hilton sex tape.

The suit was eventually settled in July. As part of the settlement, Blatt and SugarDVD agreed not to distribute the without Troyer's permission, which he had no intention of granting, his attorneys told various news outlets.

Shrider and her manager, Holly Bannon, told the Los Angeles Times in August that they no longer had a copy of the tape. Shrider reportedly sold it to an anonymous man who approached her outside the North Hollywood home she once shared with Troyer and offered her $5,000 for the tape, which she accepted.

It is unclear if the anonymous buyer is behind the tape's distribution on the overseas website.

"All I can say is that these guys have some huge stones, releasing this tape without having signatures or approval," Blatt told AVN Online.