MindGeek Tubes Join 'Internet Slowdown' to Support Net Neutrality

CYBERSPACE—A Pornhub spokesperson posted to Reddit yesterday to announce that three adult porn sites owned by MindGeek—Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube—will take part in next week's "Internet Slowdown" to protest plans by cable companies to "gut net neutrality and slow your internet to a crawl."

In a Reddit post submitted Thursday, Kate from Pornhub wrote, "We're in. Let's make some waves! We'll be displaying an official widget from battleforthenet.com. We won't be shutting down or streaming your porn slower. There will be a big in your face message that users will need to close. We hope to reach around 50 million people on Sept 10th. See battleforthenet.com for more information and how you can take action." There are well over 600 replies as of Friday late morning.

On their website, the organizers of the protest write, "We believe in the free and open Internet, with no arbitrary fees or slow lanes for sites that can't pay. Each of us has taken a stand for "Title II reclassification," the only option that lets the FCC stop Team Cable from breaking the key principles of the Internet we love. Will you join us? Take Action