Micro Media Films Introduces Xchip

BELLROSE, N.Y.Micro Media Films has introduced the MicroMedia Xchip, a new adult delivery system that's being called "the DVD for mobile phones.”

According to Micro Media, the Xchip delivers as many as four hours of video on a chip the size of a fingernail.

The Xchip can be used on every mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry on the market today, and it also works on any PC and Mac with a USB sleeve.

Micro Media is the sister company of one of the largest mobile distributors in North America for GSM mobile phones and accessories, with warehouses in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Florida, selling to more than 8,000 retailers and wholesalers worldwide.

The company believes the high level of discretion provided by Xchip content delivery will open up a brand-new segment of the consumer market, offering another form of distribution for the adult market that reaches out to 4.1 billion new users — a number that will continue to grow.

Within the next month, Micro Media also plans to launch its Total Experience Package. Through the use of state-of-the-art LCD glasses with built-in earphones, the user will literally be immersed in content. When used in conjunction with the Xchip, the TEP offers an ultra-realistic, ultra-discreet viewing experience, and because it works with any mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry, the Xchip-TEP package is quite portable as well.

For more information or to discuss possible ventures, e-mail at [email protected].

Check out the company's adult content at its website: XXXUniversal.com.