MFC's ItsLo Featured in October Issue of CAMStar

LOS ANGELES—The cam model known as ItsLo discovered she is more of an exhibitionist than she realized while honing her craft on MyFreeCams.

“As a woman, it's very nice having a place to be able to explore my sexuality and have it be encouraged and appreciated,” Lo says. “I’ve also always been fairly driven and able to stick to my goals, and with camming the results of that are apparent, which is really rewarding and validating.”

The “Lo-Bros” love her exuberance and quick wit, not to mention her spicy side, which she now has been sharing for more than five years on “the green site.”

“I love being in front of the camera, I love being sexy, I love sharing my thoughts with others, and camming gives me an opportunity to do all of these things while living comfortably,” says the native Arizonan who now resides in Texas.

In this exclusive interview for CAMStar, Lo discusses her path to MFC, her artwork, her interest in Spanish, her cat’s names, Costa Rica and her favorite Ram Dass quote, plus much more.

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For bonus questions, see below:


CS: What was your area of focus in college and what piqued your interest about those majors?

L: I ended up only attending college for one year! I was in both accounting and Spanish. Growing up in Arizona, having a base-level understanding of Spanish was really important to me. I know so many amazing people that I wouldn't have been able to connect with had I not been able to understand their language, and there's a lot of Hispanic culture around where I grew up, which I've always admired. I just wanted to keep learning the language and be able to expand on my communication abilities with the people around me! As for the accounting, I just genuinely didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and it seemed like a safe degree. 

What did it mean to you to finish at No. 14 in June for Miss MFC? What factors do you feel led to it being such a great month?

June of this year is actually kind of a funny story. I was in Costa Rica with a couple of my cam-girl friends, and I streamed the first day of the month during the daytime. We were absolutely crushing ranks so as a joke I said, “Let's get top 20 today just to say we had it for a second.” That day was amazing, we ended up holding top 20 for the entire month, and eventually finishing at #14. I run off of momentum, so after that day I was super excited and just kept pushing. I was also staying with my good friend Ivy Grace for a week, and that girl is an absolute work machine! Seriously, no one has a better work ethic than her. Being around her and having her hyping me up definitely inspired me to work harder than I normally would. When the month first started looking like it was finally my opportunity to get my first top 20 I was slightly worried though, because I had to take the last week off to go visit my grandmother. My crew, the sweetest angels ever, offline tipped me and held that spot for me so that I could enjoy my family time and we could still have our moment. I think it's less about the number, and more about the love and care that was shown to me during that month. It was so fun for both my crew and I to pull that one off, and I'm so grateful that they kept me in the game during that final week. 


How did you develop your camming routine? When are you usually on?

The first three years of my career I streamed at nighttime, but eventually decided that the vampire schedule wasn't for me. I have a lot of friends that work 'regular' jobs that follow a 9-to-5 schedule, and I was never able to hang out with them back in the day. About two years ago I started streaming mid-afternoon so that my schedule was more aligned with the rest of the world's, which was the best decision I could've ever made.

Which MFC Share clips have been your most popular and why?

More niche fetish-y clips always sell the best, so I made a clip or two of a bunch of random fetishes a couple of years ago—one of them being peeing in a pair of jeans! This clip gained some traction, and suddenly I found myself with custom request after custom request of just peeing in various pants. Apparently, it's something I'm good at! The wetting clips sell like crazy, and I feel like it's somewhat what I'm known for at this point. 

What advice would you give to a new cam model?

The biggest thing would be to do your research first before diving head in! Watch other cam girls, familiarize yourself with the website, think about and set clear boundaries for yourself, and have fun! Consistency is key, but also take care of yourself and take breaks when needed. 


What is your most underrated attribute?

This is a hard question to answer because the only opinion of myself that I truly know is mine! I don't think I give myself enough credit for how strong my work ethic is. I always feel like I can be doing more which is ridiculous because I'm already always working. I think that I've also done a lot of work in my life to become content with the world, myself, and the people around me, which is a huge accomplishment that's often overlooked. I don't know, I'm pretty at peace with myself, and I feel super appreciated by the people around me, so it's hard to feel 'underrated' in any way. 

What medium do you use when you paint? How did you learn? Do you save all your paintings? Do you share them anywhere?

I paint with acrylics! I was never really taught how to do it, I just learned through trial and error. People will say things like, “I wish I could paint but I'm not good at art!” To which I always reply, “To be good at art you'd need to know color theory and all that other stuff, which I don't know. Just pick up some brushes and have fun.” I don't save all of them; I usually paint over everything a couple of times until I make something I like enough to keep. I share pictures on my Snapchat and Instagram Stories once I'm finished with things!


Which language are you learning and what inspired you to study it?

I've recently started making a conscious effort to pick up my Spanish again! I've had a 400+ day Duolingo streak for a bit, but Duolingo isn't enough to fully learn a language IMO. I started taking Spanish classes on top of that, and opting to use Spanish rather than English to any Spanish speakers I encounter (who are also willing to listen to my 4th grade vocabulary-level talking) which has helped immensely. I know a lot of Spanish-speaking folks, so being able to communicate with them is super important to me! Plus with traveling so frequently, it's nice to be able to get around Spanish-speaking countries and also connect with the local people there. 

What song have you listened to the most in the past month? 

I'm absolutely obsessed with “Last Train to London” by Electric Light Orchestra right now. I’ve had it on repeat for a month-and-a-half. I hadn't heard it in years, and one of my good friends recently played it while we were in Mexico. Since then it's definitely been my song of the month.




Photography by @brandongorrie