MetArt Acquires Art-nude Sites,

LOS ANGELES—Erotic network MetArt has announced the acquisition of and

Founded in 1997 as one of the industry's first soft-core sites, is truly an institution. Containing no porn—"Just excellent nude pictures of beautiful girls and stories and articles about beauty, culture and nudity"—its longevity and influence have helped define what it means to be an “art nude” website.

"Its ongoing success is a testament to the vision and  perseverance of its founder, Eolake Stobblehouse," MetArt stated in its announcement. "While many other sites have stumbled with multiple changes and full scale re-works, Eolake has been adamant with his 'member first' mentality and 'simple nudes' content. The continued strong results speak for themselves."

Stobblehouse commented, “It is a fine line, maintaining the integrity of the site and its content, being honest and respectful to your members, while competing and growing in today’s more sophisticated and progressive economic climate. I believe strongly that MetArt is the only company with the sensibility and understanding to handle this correctly. It is difficult to let Domai go, but I know it is in great hands, and I look forward to my life’s next chapter, which includes a renewed focus on my art and writing.”

Jon Krogman, co-owner of MetArt, added, “We have a great deal of respect for Eolake, what he has accomplished in this industry, and the sites he has created. Our intention is to stay true to his vision, making gradual changes based on our knowledge of the soft-core niche and the site's customer base. There is no rush.”

Existing Domai affiliates are encouraged to visit MetArt Money and replace their existing links with new ones. The older links will continue to work, but all new promo tools and features will require MetArt Money ID numbers. was founded by Stobblehouse in 2010.

Image: Ekatna, courtesy of