Melissa Midwest Debuts Her First Boy-Girl DVD

LINCOLN, Neb. - After five years of focusing on solo and girl-girl work, model Melissa Midwest has released her first boy-girl DVD, Melissa Midwest's Naked Cribs.

The premise of the self-produced DVD, which is available only through her website's online store, borrows liberally from the MTV show "Cribs."

"I wanted to make a movie for all my long-term members of the site," Midwest told AVN Online. "They've given me so much and allowed me to be financially secure, which is something that has always concerned me."

Midwest said she felt it was time to give her fans something new by doing her first boy-girl scene.

"I've been contemplating a boy-girl scene for some time now," she said. "I mean, I enjoy a girl from time to time, but if I have my choice, it would be a guy in my bed. I get more pleasure from a guy, for sure, and what better way to give back to my fans than something I love?

"I didn't want to have any regrets about my career, and I realized that if I was ever going to do it, now was the time."

In addition to the DVD, video clips of the boy-girl scene are available for members of