MeetAdultPornstars Launches

ONTARIO, Calif. – Online community forum MeetAdultPornstars has bowed, giving fans an opportunity to chat with many of their favorite adult starlets, such as Kaelyn Landers, Mia Rose, Mari Possa, Carrie Ann, Elena Rivera, Erin Moore, and Jerzy Lynn, and more.

Created in February, the website rapidly has been growing despite having hardly any promotion, said founder Rick Steele. “Within the last six weeks since its creation, we have had over 10,000 unique hits worldwide with 242 actual members signing up,” Steele said. “This was done with zero promotion or advertising for the site; all was done via word-of-mouth. This leads me to believe we have a created a great online forum community for industry insiders as well as for fans.”

Among its many interactive features, the free site allows industry professionals the ability to chat with fans, as well as with other industry professionals for networking opportunities, Steele added. Industry professionals will also be able to use the forum to promote their websites, DVD releases, and various appearances. Fans will have the opportunity to get to know the stars personally and get the chance to become aware of new starlets in adult entertainment industry or discover a starlet they never knew of before.

Steele got started in the industry via his wife, Landers. “I became her manager/agent when she signed an exclusive contract with Erotique Entertainment to become their first-ever contract girl,” he said. “Erotique Entertainment and I expect my list to grow with new female starlets for 2007.

“We are very new, so we will be improving our site as time goes on by adding new industry professionals, improving the site's overall appearance, and giving away more monthly giveaways from the ones we are currently giving,” he continued. “We are open to suggestions and would like to know what industry professionals—as well as the fans—would like to see on the site.”