Matt Zane to Appear on Rude TV's 'Ink Addicts'

VAN BUYS, Fla. - Alt-porn aficionado and adult director Matt Zane is scheduled to appear once again on RudeTV from 5-6 p.m. PST Monday, Aug. 11, in order to discuss tattoos for a new show titled "Ink Addicts."

"Ink Addicts" debuts with hosts Baadmaster and Regan Reese and surrounds the world of tattoos. From fetishists to celebrities and porn stars to regular folks, this show will be a forum for all things ink related.

Baadmaster, currently the host of RudeTV's "Baadmaster's Dungeon," will be initiated into the world of ink with his very first tattoo, live, on "Ink Addicts." Fans of the rapturous Regan Reese know she already has 19 tattoos and will be adding more to her collection.  

Matt Zane is scheduled to be a featured guest on the inaugural show and will be discussing his unique porn series, Tattooed and Tight distributed by Evolution Distribution. The series combines performers getting real tattoos, while simultaneously engaging in sex acts.

"This should be a very interesting show," Zane said. "Everyone has a story behind their tattoos and there are a lot of tattooed people out there. I'm looking forward to being a part of the first show."

For more scheduling information and show line-ups, visit the RudeTV website.

For more information on Matt Zane releases and retail ordering information, visit the Evolution Distribution website.