Massive Internet Piracy Bust in Sweden

STOCKHOLM -- Swedish police Friday announced a massive Internet Piracy bust that took place last month.

Authorities reported seizing the computer equipment of a Stockholm-area suspect on Feb. 9, which included a server said to contain the equivalent of  16,000 movies, according to Swedish news media. The man's identity was not disclosed

According to Sweden's Antipiracy Agency (Antpiratbyrån), the server was part of 10-server Nordic FTP ring called "Sunnydale."  Following the arrest, the webring was offline. Authorities said the combined servers include a staggering 65 terabytes of films, TV shows, music and other digital data.

"We made a bust. A server and computers have been taken and are being analyzed now," law enforcement Mats Johansson official told CNET.  The government is now conducting an investigation.
In a released statement, Antipiracy Agency lawyer Hentik Ponten said, "The well-organized pirates on the scene seemed to have overestimated their ability to hide their identity and location, but the bust showed that we could find the responsible entity."

Sweden's English-language paper The Local reports Poten also told Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Sunnydale was the source of all pirated material available on The Pirate Bay, a claim denied by one of the site's owners, Peter Sunde.

The raid took place during the start of the recent Pirate Bay trial.