Mary Carey Unveils New Website

LOS ANGELES—Mary Carey has announced the launch of her new website at, calling it the most high-quality online destination that she’s ever been a part of in her nine-year industry career.

“This is the first time I feel like I actually have a website that I’m really proud of,” Carey told AVN of the site that was designed by Buzz and Rachel Aziani of the Arizona-based web network, “They are very professional, which I like.”

Carey said she wanted to work with after seeing her friend Lexxi Tyler’s site which Aziani also designed. Carey began shooting new content for the site in February, and her fans can see the first pictures she has published with her newly enhanced 36DDD rack.

“This is my first time shooting stuff with my new boobs,” said the excitable star. “And I have.a lot of new solo masturbation clips. I never really did a lot of that stuff before. In my career I hadn’t really done anything like that. I’ll also be doing two web chats a month. I haven’t done a chat with my fans since 2003, so that’s going to be really fun.”

Carey’s national profile skyrocketed early in her career when she was an exclusive contract girl with Kick Ass Pictures, which fueled her 2003 run for the California governor’s office. Her entertaining campaign resulted in the Florida native becoming a go-to guest for national news shows in the months and years that followed as Carey discussed not only her political views, but also frequently defended the adult industry.

In 2007, she gained more mainstream notoriety for her season-long appearance on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” reality show. Last year she starred in a porn parody about the TV show, Celebrity Pornhab with Dr. Screw, from Red Light District. That came on the heels of starring in VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" spinoff show "Sober House" in early 2009.

Looking back now Carey said she was happy with Dr. Drew’s counseling for her drinking, but she disagrees with many of the famous physician’s views on porn.

“He helped with the alcohol because I really liked always going out to the parties and being stupid on TMZ. But I don’t think that Drew is right that most porn stars are sexually abused. Nothing bad happened to me ever as far as any abuse. I always thought it was a fun little industry and I never had a bad experience. I’ve never seen that ever happen ever in the years I’ve been on sets. No one ever pressured me to do something I didn’t want to do,” Carey said.

Lately, Carey is continuing to pursue mainstream opportunities, auditioning regularly for movie and television projects. She recently was cast as a porn star in an upcoming movie called the Hollywood Method that begins filming next week.

Carey is also touring the country as a feature dancer. Her next stop is Christy’s Cabaret in Memphis from June 8-12. Then she’ll be dancing at Christy’s in Cleveland, the city in which she was born, from June 15-19.

“I’ve also been working out so much and not drinking and I think I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since 2005,” Carey said.