Marc Dorcel, Sureflix Launch Gay IPTV Channel

PARIS - Marc Dorcel, a content provider for French adult films, has launched an IPTV video-on-demand platform dedicated to gay adult movies.

The platform will be available on Alice, Telecom Italia's French subsidiary with 120,000 subscribers, for which Dorcel is the exclusive provider of gay content.

The project is the result of collaboration between Marc Dorcel and Sureflix Digital Distribution, which is better known as Maleflixxx, a digital distributor of gay video content.

"Gay content is becoming more and more visible on the various French IPTV and cable networks," said Gregory Dorcel, CEO of Mark Dorcel. "We have been working very hard with Sureflix to introduce triple-X gay television video-on-demand in France."

The industry and the public have been overwhelmingly responsive, Dorcel said.

"The key to the partners' success has been offering a restricted quantity of premium content in order to ensure customer satisfaction and retention," he said. "It is a privilege to be working with the very best gay studios."

The new channel, which is called the "Gay Video-on-Demand Club," is the second television video-on-demand platform launched by Marc Dorcel and Sureflix in the past few months. The first platform is carried by French cable operator Numericable, which has more than 3.5 million subscribers.

Marc Dorcel and Sureflix have secured the rights for the 25 most prominent gay brands in the world. Sureflix represents mainly North American studios such as Colt, Hot House, Bel Ami, Lucas Entertainment and Kristen Bjorn, while Marc Dorcel manages European producers such as Eurocreme, Cadinot and Falcon.

This portfolio represents a powerhouse of talent, according to Dorcel.

"The premium studios find it advantageous to work together to counterbalance the immense power of the cable and IPTV companies," Sureflix President Eric Johnson added. "We are delighted to be working closely with Marc Dorcel to help develop new revenue streams in the rapidly changing adult entertainment industry."