ManyVids Honors Black History Month in New Video

LOS ANGELES—February is dedicated to celebrating the contributions of Black people in history and ManyVids said Monday it wants to take the opportunity to acknowledge the Black MV Stars, some of whom took the time to share their experiences as Black adult performers in a special Black History Month vid.  

"Black MV Stars are represented in every category on MV," ManyVids said. "Their content forms a cornerstone of the entire site and MV’s thrilled to give them a happy shout out.

"At the same time, it’s important to mention that Black sex workers are disproportionately affected by violence, abuse, and harassment, among many other more invisible issues, according to MV. Black trans women are particularly vulnerable. We all need to lift the voices of this part of our community to help them shine. We can challenge the system with individual acts that celebrate our Black content creators, by listening to their experiences, supporting their content, and crafting an environment of collective humanity, dignity and universal love."

It is MV’s mission to create an atmosphere where people can not only feel comfortable being upfront about the challenges they face but who can also find the tools and support to thrive as entrepreneurs. You can also watch the vid and read ManyVids’ full Black History Month post on their blog by clicking here.