Mansion Productions Terminates Relationship With SegPay Processing Company

LOS ANGELES - Mansion Productions, which provides a suite of software products for affiliate programs, informed clients Friday that effective Feb. 1, 2008, it will terminate its relationship with SegPay, a credit card and check processing company.

Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion Productions, said several reasons led to the decision.

"Due to the recent events surrounding the new equity stake owners of SegPay, Too Much Media; the possible connection between them and the now defunct iBill and the fact that support issues that might arise in the future will be handled by our competitor, NATS, we feel that Mansion Productions is best off not doing direct business with SegPay," Wright commented in a notice sent Friday to Mansion clients.

Mansion Productions developed and owns MPA3, an affiliate program software that manages accounts for webmasters, Wright said. The product is similar to NATS, or Next-Generation Admin Tracking System, which is developed and owned by Too Much Media. Because of the similarity of the products and TMM's ownership of SegPay, Wright told AVN Online, it presented a conflict of interest for Mansion.

We are taking this step that we believe is in the best interest to our MPA3 customers," he said in the company statement.

Wright said in an effort to make the transition easier for Mansion clients using SegPay, the company will not end its business relationship until Feb. 1. Mansion will also cover and Visa registration fees incurred by clients when switching to another processor," he said.

"We don't want [our clients] to have financial burden from this," he told AVN Online.

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