Mansion Productions Offering Cavecreek Content Delivery Network

TEMPE, Ariz. - Mansion Productions now offers the Cavecreek Content Delivery Network as a delivery option for its content management system clients.


"The MAS content management system is now fully compatible with the Cavecreek Content Delivery Network," said Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion Productions. "We believe this multi-side relationship will be of mutual benefit."


CDN is a technology that allows websites to serve rich media content and digital downloads from servers that are distributed globally.


"This allows the end user to experience faster performance, which in turn creates a more memorable and satisfactory user experience," said Brian Lowy, director of CDN sales for Cavecreek.


MAS customers can easily define the CDN super-name for each site powered by MAS. They also can decide the type of content or sites they want to access through the CDN or the local server.


Cavecreek is a wholesale IP transit, CDN, streaming and hosting provider affording Tier 1 Networks since 1996. Cavecreek is backed by its parent company CWIE Holding Company Inc.


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Mansion Productions is a group of webmasters working together to find and create tools to help webmasters make money. In business since 1997, Mansion Productions also provides consulting, programming and design services, along with its award-winning software solutions MPA3 and MAS.


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