Making Coin Offers $100 PPS with Program Launch

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Making Coin has officially launched its pay per sign-up program, which is now available live in the affiliate admin area.


To mark the launch, $1 trials offer $25 no console, or $30 with console, $2.95 trials offer $27 no console, or $32 with console; and $4.95 trials offer $30 no console, or $35 with console.


"In addition to releasing our pay per sign-up programs to the public, we are throwing the company's largest promo ever," Marketing Director Donnie Adamson told AVN Online. "On July 16 we are giving away $100 pay per sign-up on all pay per sign-up programs as long as you have over 10 sales that day."


In order to receive the $100 pay per sign-up, all sales must be sent July 16 to any pay per sign-up program within the affiliate admin area. The $100 pay per sign-up claim must be e-mailed to [email protected] before July 23.


"There is no limited number of joins you can send," Adamson said, adding sales sent cannot be made from oneself, a relative, or an employee. "All fraudulent sales will be discarded and you will be banned from the program."


For more information, visit the Making Coin website.