Nutaku Hosts 'Magicami' x 'Steins;Gate' Crossover Event

LOS on Monday announced it is hosting a crossover event between the fan-favorite JRPG, Magicami, and the popular anime series Steins;Gate.

Running until May 31, the collaboration lets players take a deep-dive into the world of anime franchise within the Magicami universe.

A highlight of the rewards that players can expect on participating in the event includes:

•A Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate) dress for character Eliza (Magicami)

•A new gacha that allows 10 free draws daily. Drawing a UR guarantees a Daru (Steins;Gate) dress for Marianne (Magicami)

•A special jewel pack with extra bonus jewels, which can be used in gachas

•A login bonus:
-1 day: 500 Jewels
-4 days: 1,000 Jewels
-7 days: 1,500 Jewels

Check out the Magicami x Steins;Gate crossover event here.