Explores Non-Adult Ad Inventory with

ATLANTA - Non-adult blog The Dirty has announced it will offer ad inventory for purchase through the Madison Avenue ad network. This relationship represents a new focus on non-adult/safe-for-work publishers and ad inventory for Madison Avenue.

"We built Madison Avenue from the ground up to be the ultimate ad rotation solution for any publisher, regardless of the type of traffic they have and how they monetize it," Madison Avenue CEO Marc Womack said. "The Dirty represents the first large-scale publisher utilizing our functionality in this space and we see it as not only a great opportunity for our advertisers, but a stepping stone to move further into this type of traffic."

Ramon Garcia, head of publisher support and integration, expressed that they have a significant amount of publishers who have created accounts on their system, but haven't gotten up and running because they want more non-adult network campaigns.

"Now that we've got a high profile, high-traffic site like The Dirty up and running on the platform, we'll be able to provide advertisers the type of traffic they want; which will in turn enable us to get these additional publishers functioning," he said.

Garcia described the process as a snowballing effect wherein more publishers bring more advertisers, which in turn attract even more advertisers. 

While Madison Avenue's roots are in the adult Internet advertising space, their aggressive expansion into the non-adult space will result in a single platform in which publishers can monetize any type of traffic. Advertisers will be able to build campaigns across multiple publishers for both adult and non-adult traffic.

For more information, visit the Madison Avenue website.