Adds Online Buying Function

ATLANTA - Advertising-rotation solution and sales network Madison Avenue has launched its online Buy Now wizard. 

The function enables advertisers to build, pay for and manage campaigns across their networks of publishers by using multiple advertising types on a cost-per-click or cost-per-impression basis. 

"Advertisers can now create an account, build a campaign, make payment and manage all aspects of their campaign from the new Buy Now wizard," company President Marc Womack said. "Now, anyone can hit the website, click the Buy Now tab and have a campaign up and running in four easy steps. This allows advertisers the ability to utilize our advanced revolutions-per-minute-based bidding system, which permits them to get their traffic as fast or as cheap as they want." 

The Buy Now function also enables a publisher to send advertisers to its profile on, where advertisers can buy campaigns on any of the publisher's sites.  

This feature has led to a dramatic increase in the number and size of publishers coming onto the network, according to Shey DiBona, manager of publisher support and integration.  

"When we soft-launched the online buying wizard a couple weeks ago, the publishers started coming out of the woodwork," she said. "Last week, we got up and running, and they're huge. They've got an Alexa ranking of fewer than 700 and are generating an enormous amount of traffic for our advertisers." 

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