Adds IM Ads

ATLANTA - Madison Avenue announced Monday the addition of IM ads to their ad rotation and traffic sales platform.

The innovative new ad type gives advertisers the opportunity to rapidly obtain targeted traffic from Madison Avenue's network of publishers. Additionally, publishers on the network can utilize this new functionality to generate more revenue from their traffic through network, affiliate and retail campaigns.

"We're constantly adding new ways to help publishers earn more from their traffic, while helping our advertisers efficiently obtain great traffic," said company CEO Marc Womack. "The new IM ads are a great addition to our other five ad types because they're unobtrusive, yet generate great click-thru-ratio's. This means they're very productive."

Publisher Support Supervisor Artchee Mendoza notes that the solution differs from other similar IM ads offered by sponsor programs. 

"Lots of affiliate programs offer the ability to run IM ads, but of course that locks you into only pushing traffic to their program," Mendoza added. "With our solution you can rotate in ads for anyone you want and automatically optimize the rotation to make the most money possible."

To celebrate this new functionality Madison Avenue's sales team has extended their current promotional offer until Oct. 10. 

"Advertisers love getting a 20 percent bonus on their campaign budgets and the free set of over 30 flash banners really helps them get their traffic faster," Womack said. "Combine that with the new IM ads and it's a great package. It just makes sense to extend the special now that we've got so much more traffic available from the new ad type."

For more information, visit the Madison Avenue website or email [email protected].