Mac Attack: Beware of 'Puper' Trojan

CUPERTINO, Calif.—While Macs are still less susceptible to viruses and attacks in general compared to Windows OS computers and other machines, don't get so smug, Mac users.

Web security researchers have found a Trojan malware called Puper that literally disguises itself as a Mac Cinema installer and attempts to download other malware, said MXLogic in a security bulletin.

Security firm McAfee reports the attack appears to users as a disk image, which launches an installer application for the faux Mac Cinema software. Once the installer completes the app download, the user becomes infected with a script file named AdobeFlash.

McAfee reports that the malicious script launches every five hours and attempts to download and launch other malware as well.

In June, security researchers at Sophos reported a similar Mac Trojan that disguised itself as a video codec. The malware, called Jahlav, was embedded in what appeared to be a pornography site that required users to download the file to see video, said PC Magazine.

"Some Mac users may have thought that it was safe to surf for porn on their Apple Mac, but they were wrong," said Sophos senior tech consultant Graham Cluley.

As Macs are often used for video production, adult industry users should be aware of the fake Mac Cinema Puper Trojan and take necessary steps to prevent infestation.

Company IT techs can view Puper information from McAfee here.