LoyalFans Announces May Master Class Event With Larkin Love

LOS ANGELESLoyalFans.com on Tuesday announced an upcoming Master Class event featuring Larkin Love.

The creator will be discussing “F%!$ Your Timeline: How Larkin Love Made $1 Million with LoyalFans DMs in 2023” at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 25. 

Register for LoyalFans’ Creator Master Class Series events via Calendly here: calendly.com/loyalfans

“Treating premium social media as passive income is a valid strategy, but you're leaving 80-90% of your potential income on the table,” Larkin Love said. “Time to use individual and mass DMs to your ultimate advantage!”

Love continued, "I'll teach you to shoot content and write responses for general use, and drip-feed material through a series of clever paylocks and paid chat interactions.”   

LoyalFans creators are invited to take advantage of this opportunity for live coaching and the opportunity to ask questions (via chat) in real time.

“Every few months, I shoot about 45 minutes of video footage, split into 2-3 minute segments,” Larkin said. “I then sell it over several weeks—which amounts to about 10 hours per week admin—for a total of $200-300K.” 

“Do you know anyone else who earns $5000/hr while working 10 hours a week?” the creator asked rhetorically. “Would you like to be next?” 

Find Larkin Love on LoyalFans at loyalfans.com/LarkinLove.

Past Master Class series leaders include LoyalFans’ own Banksie, top Twitch streamer Amouranth, Lily Lou and Ezada Sinn. 

Recordings of all previously-held Master Class series events are available in creators’ LoyalFans account dashboards.

LoyalFans features and tools include paid messaging, subscription options, live cams, 1-on-1 video calls, standalone video and audio stores, Media Cloud, and more. The platform offers 80% payouts across the board for all features.

For more information about LoyalFans, contact [email protected] or go to loyalfans.com to start a creator account.