Lovense Launches 4K AI Tip-Activated Webcam

LOS ANGELES—Lovense, a leading sex tech company, on Thursday announced the launch of the Lovense Webcam—made specifically with cam models in mind. With robust features, tip activation, and dynamic gesture control, the Lovense Webcam promises users a top-tier camming experience.

Just like all Lovense toys, the Lovense Webcam reacts to tips from viewers on nearly all major cam sites. Based on the settings the model decides, she can select five different areas for fans to focus on. For example, if a viewer tips 10 tokens, the camera can zoom in on the model's legs for five seconds if the model decides to allow it. These settings can be completely customized by the model, on where she wants the camera to focus or zoom in on and for how many seconds.

“Made specifically with cam models in mind, the Lovense Webcam transforms your camming stream into a professional production with endless tipping possibilities," said Dan Liu, Lovense CEO. "The Lovense Webcam not only makes it easier to communicate with your audience, but gives your fans a chance to interact with your stream in a new, dynamic way.”

An AI algorithm and 3-axis gimbal design allows the webcam to track and follow the model's every move so that she is never out of frame. For example, if she is laying down in bed and decides to sit up, the Lovense Webcam will adjust automatically to her new position.

Three different hand movements allow the model to control her webcam from a distance. She can zoom in and out and enable AI tracking to allow her webcam to follow you, so she never has to get up and reposition her webcam again.

The goal of the Lovense Webcam is to make it easier for models to communicate with their audience in clear resolution while offering dynamic, engaging features.