'Loki' Partners With BirdBucks.com for 3D Program

ALPENA, Mich. - Jason "Loki" Smith has teamed up with affiliate program BirdBucks and its founder "The Heron" to launch four 3D virtual adult sites.


The new sites are AnimePlanetX, which offers wide niche coverage with more than 80 free hosted galleries; 3DFuckSluts, which has 20 free hosted galleries catering to the 3D ‘toon markets; anime- and hentai-styled AnimeFuckSluts, which has 20 free hosted galleries; and SuperXXX3D, which features more than 40 mini-sites and will have new sites added each week.


Loki, founder of V1rtual Desires, launched the website and its affiliate program V1rtual Desires Cash in 2001 to feature exclusive 3D erotic content for the growing 3D ‘toon market.


"The company was the first ever to feature 3D content exclusively and was run completely by the artists who generated all of the content," Loki told AVN Online.


Though Loki was going to "retire" the longstanding 3D affiliate program, The Heron had been looking for a partner to create 3D custom content.


"The Heron had seen my work over the last couple of years and even signed up to promote my program," Loki said. "We got to talking about my plans to retire and found out that we lived less then an hour away from one another. We both had the same goals and agendas for the market, so we decided to pool the two companies together to better serve both our current and future affiliates."


The partnership's early focus will be to transition V1rtualDesires affiliates over to the BirdBucks program.


Processing will be done through CCBill, and all pay sites under both programs have been retooled to maximize conversion and retention.


"Furthermore, V1rtualDesires' members have been given two free months' membership to help ease any burden during this transition," Loki said. "I wanted to make sure we didn't lose any of the current members of my old pay sites. Each member was contacted and given a credit for two months, in order to make up for any downtime during the move to the new program."


In the past, Loki said, most of his members were retained an average of six to seven months.


"Since all of my sites were driven heavy by member requests," he said, "I wanted to take every step to assure that we would not lose any members and the old affiliates would not lose their recurring sales."


Loki is heading up the affiliate program and will be available for one-on-one training and assistance for affiliates who need help during the transition and launch of the merged programs.


"For the launch, I'm trying to offer sit-downs with both my old affiliates, as well as the new ones," Loki said. "I'm putting together ‘survival packs' for affiliates that feature sales text, keywords, lists of various sites to submit to, et cetera. We want to arm our affiliates with everything they will need to make the most of their traffic."


Custom branded content also will be available to active affiliates.


In addition to his role as affiliate manager, Loki will oversee the content department.


"I will be creating the bulk of original 3D photos and videos for the program," he said, "and I will answer all custom-content requests for any active affiliates."


Affiliates will receive a recurring 50 percent on each sale they generate. The program also pays 10 percent on sales from webmaster referrals.

Available promotional material includes free hosted galleries, banners, buttons, half- and full-page ads, a picture of the day, zipped content and games.