Loki and BirdBucks.com Enlist ‘SinnerSaint’ as New Artist

MICHIGAN - Loki, the founder of 3D cartoon adult sites V1rtualDesires.com and LokiPorn.com, along with Bird Bucks, have added the talents of "SinnerSaint" to their 3D content department.

Under exclusive contract with Loki, SinnerSaint will head up the new 3D video department and create photo realistic 3D content.

SinnerSaint began working in the 3D market over 10 years ago and has a vast educational background in 3D art. SinnerSaint's experience includes photo realistic and 3D video animation for several professional projects and studios using the latest high-end professional software available.

While Loki's style of 3D porn has followed a more traditional ‘cartoon' style, SinnerSaint creates more of a lifelike style with an attention to detail that leaves people wondering if his creations are really merely cartoons.

Loki believes that as 3D content software evolves the content itself should as well.

"It is essential that 3D porn content grows to look more realistic in order to meet the rising demand," Loki told AVN Online.

Photo realistic content and video is the next wave of the 3D porn market Loki said.

"Bird Bucks and I are pleased to be the first to offer this type of content to the adult community," he said.

While heading up the newly formed video department, SinnerSaint will be creating 3D video packages to be sold via the Lokiporn.com 3D content site. The packages will contain 30-5 minute video clips in multiple formats, with matching photo content.

The first of these video packages will be available for sale in Mid October.

For more information, visit  the LokiPorn.com and Bird Bucks websites.