LiveJasmin Adds New Services: MyStory, VideoCall

LUXEMBOURG—LiveJasmin announce the debut of two new services, MyStory and VideoCall.

“We looked at what were the most common requests from our community and one-to-one Video Calls were a recurring theme,” said Zsolt Theiss-Balazs, CPO of LiveJasmin. “We already guaranteed the possibility for constant communication with the messenger aspect of our app, but we wanted to go a step further, to fully flesh out the LiveJasmin experience and to allow our members to form real, personal connections with our models. Now, our models and members can keep in touch, regardless of where they are, be it at the gym, the store, or at home. After all, there is nothing more personal than calling someone simply to ask how their day was.

Avid clients of LiveJasmin can now directly contact their favorite model through Video Calls on their mobile phone, even when they are not online on the site. Seemingly a simple feature, however, its potency cannot be overstated. This development further blurs the lines between member and model and the special type of online relationships that they both share with each other.

Learning to recognize trends is extremely important for any business that wishes to thrive, and LiveJasmin knows how to read emerging trends. They have developed a new feature that allows their models to share personal “Stories” to include their biggest fans in their daily lives.

“After we decided what we wanted to develop, it was simply a question of finding a way to implement it into our existing products. We ended up opting to incorporate the feature into our ModelCenter app, which we develop in-house,” said Kolos Kaszály, CTO of LiveJasmin. “Members can get a glimpse into the lives of the models thanks to this feature, but they also have the option of subscribing to a model’s premium Stories for an even more intimate experience. They can view them on either their phone or personal computer and each individual piece of content is available for 24 hours.”

Try out the new MyStory feature or the Video Call to ring your favorite cam model right now on