LiveBucks Increases Webmaster Payouts

MONTREAL, Canada- LiveBucks has increased webmaster payouts and unveiled a new site design.

The LiveBucks revenue share program scale has been raised to 50 percent of gross sales and the per-join program to $100 on the high end.

The company claims it now offers the highest paying cam program in the webcam business. 

"As a live cam program, we're lucky to be in a position that much of the industry is unable to compete against. Our sales are unaffected by the recent influx of free porn or tube sites and we have never relied on cross sales, recurring memberships or any ‘creative' billing practices," said CEO and President Karl Hamilton. "We can afford to set everyday high payouts because our clients are actively purchasing and then choosing to return in order to use our product. Member value is much higher in the live sex trade so we can afford in turn to pass that value on to our webmasters."

The new pay scaled applies to all LiveBucks sites and the webmaster referral program will remain unchanged

Complete details may be found on the LiveBuck programs page.

For more information on the LiveBucks webmaster program contact Rob W at [email protected].