Live Girl Review Offers New Format After 70 Episodes

NEW YORK - Audacia Ray's sexual culture and media video podcast Live Girl Review has altered its format to include longer shows after 70 episodes.

The show was launched in November 2007 as a short format show with one product being featured in each two- to three-minute episode. Under the new format, each episode features a book, movie and sex toy review; as well as sex tips, products to avoid and giveaways for commenters.

Ray, the show's host, is an author, Village Voice blogger and award-winning porn director. Sex educator Jamye Waxman, who will be providing sex tips in a segment of the show titled "One Hot Minute," joins her.

The show's website will also feature written reviews by prominent female sex bloggers Ellie Lumpesse, Essin' Em and Madeline Glass.

In addition to being available on Live Girl Review and via RSS, the twice-monthly video show is also available on iTunes.

Live Girl Review is open to sponsorship opportunities, advertisers and affiliate programs. Email Audacia Ray with press releases and proposals at [email protected]. For more information on product reviews for showcasing on the show or website, visit Live Girl Review.