Little Reislin On 'Project QT', Hentai, Making Content

LOS ANGELES—Little Reislin tells AVN she has been a fan of hentai for many years.

“I started watching hentai as soon as I found out about it,” Reislin reveals. “I was a bad girl—even though I look very cute, meow. This really turns me on! I also love reading hentai manga. I have a whole collection. I love visual hentai novels and dating simulators.”

So when Nutaku told the popular Pornhub amateur model they wanted to create a game character based on her likeness she was in disbelief.

“I love hentai and when I found out that I could become a character in a hentai game, I was very excited!” Little Reislin tells AVN. “My thoughts were, ‘Oh my gosh, they want to make me a character in the game! I will become a real anime girl! I still can't believe it happened.”

She remembers being so amped up about it, “to be honest, I didn't even need to be involved.”

“I was immediately ready for such cooperation,” Reislin says. “I love trying out a new role and being a computer game character is really cool!

“They said that I should send a lot of photos in various poses and movements. And I immediately put on my favorite maid costume. I got very involved and took a lot of photos.”

Reislin in June became a playable game character in the free-to-play RPG Project QT from, the largest online gaming portal in the world dedicated to adult titles.


In the futuristic Project QT a mysterious virus stands between humanity and total destruction. In an effort to prevent total chaos, players recruit a team of the sexiest college students to battle the virus.

Enter Little Reislin, who arrives as a foreign exchange student and stands ready to join the fight against the evil infection. Players may acquire Little Reislin’s character as a gacha, unlocking her own unique skills and abilities and steamy H-scenes, making their path to victory an experience they will not forget.

Reislin jokes that her character looks like a “crazy anime maid”—and she is pleased with her image in the game.

"I think my character has very big breasts,” Reislin says. “Hell, I want one just like it! They drew a very cute and mischievous girl, very similar to me. It's cool that their artists were able to recreate not only my tattoos, but also my character! But these big tits are driving me crazy.”


It’s safe to say the 21-year-old performer drives her enormous fanbase crazy, too, thanks to her series of homemade hardcore sex scenes that at press time had sent her soaring to the No. 8 worldwide ranking for amateur models on Pornhub with 476 million video views and a whopping 906 million subscribers.

The numbers are remarkable considering Reislin started her porn career at the end of summer of 2018.

“My husband suggested that I do what we like to do,” she says. “And I didn't doubt it for a second! We immediately registered on Pornhub and started shooting the first videos. I love when an actress shows her feelings and emotions. Charisma is what makes an actress special.

“It doesn't matter what kind of shooting or story. Charisma, love and sex.”


Reislin, who grew up in a small European city, was one of the finalist nominees for Pornhub Verified Amateur of the Year at the 2019 Pornhub Awards, inspiring her to work “even harder and more.”

“It means that people like my content,” she says. “So I'm doing something really good. I think it's an amazing feeling!”

Reislin, whose mother is Latvian, still resides in Europe.

“In fact, I have many different nationalities,” she says. “But I think I have more of my mother's blood in me.”

She was studying to be a lawyer, when she switched gears to pursue a porn career.

“Porn absorbed me before I started working in this boring field,” Reislin says.

She held a part-time job at an amusement park before diving into porn.

“Yes, I was the person who set huge carousels in motion and calmed crying children,” Reislin says. “It was a fun time.”

Reislin, who had amassed almost 462,000 followers on Twitter and another 323,000-plus on Instagram by mid-July, says she is grateful to her fans “because they made me who I am.”

“I have a big fanbase now, but it's been a long road,” she says. “It was my fans who made me believe in myself. But sometimes I am sad because I like to reply to my messages and I used to be able to respond to almost all my messages on various social networks.

“Now it would take several years of my life to respond to all the messages. This is sad, because I often came across interesting people from different parts of the world. Now I pay more attention to my subscribers on OnlyFans, where communication is most comfortable for me.

“But still, I try to respond to every message and every comment on Pornhub. I think I need to give people at least that bit of attention that they pay to me.”


She is also happy that many of her fans understand she can’t possibly reply to everyone who sends her a note.

“And I like to read messages from them when they are surprised and happy that I answered them,” Reislin adds. “Often I see comments under the video where they are also surprised that I can find time for this. This is difficult, but I want them to enjoy not only my content but also the feedback.”

Reislin says her striking eyes “are a strange color.”

“Blue, but yellow around the pupil,” she says. “This is funny, because my eye color was completely green until I was 15.”

When she isn’t working, she cares for two ferrets whose names are Fish and Meat.

“Fish has a black nose and Meat has a pink nose,” Reislin says. “They are very unpretentious and like to play and sleep—these are their two states. They either run after each other or sleep 20 hours a day.

“But they can also run after you and bite your feet. Once you see them play, you'll fall in love with them.”





Photography courtesy of Little Reislin