LionDollars Program Closes Affiliate Sign-ups

NETHERLANDS - LionDollars has announced that, effective immediately, it no longer will allow affiliates to sign up for its adult dating, escort directory, solo girl and adult website affiliate programs.


For the past 18 months, LionDollars has been working to rebuild its webmaster program, a new version of which will be relaunched soon. The company said it has closed webmaster sign-ups to ensure an effective transition to the new system.


"LionDollars V4 represents a fundamental shift in the business model that has underpinned the huge success and growth of LionDollars as a program and brand since its inception in 2004," said Lindsay, aka CuriousToyBoy, of LionDollars. "The system has been completely rebuilt and is an entirely separate system from the current system. The new system will provide some powerful promotional tools from the outset, but, more importantly, it provides the platform for the provision of an ever-expanding range of new and exciting promotional tools."


LionDollars V4 will be a "by application only" program open to experienced webmasters and newbies, but the approval process will be more carefully vetted to prevent fraud and maintain the program's integrity.


Current affiliates can apply to have their existing accounts ported over to the beta of V4 by sending their affiliate details to [email protected] Affiliates whose applications are not received before the start of the beta period will be required to reapply after the full launch.


Existing webmaster linking codes from the old system will be valid for six weeks after the full V4 launch.


For more information, visit or contact CuriousToyBoy at [email protected] or 293-070-684 on ICQ.