LionDollars Launches Version 4

NETHERLANDS - LionDollars has launched Version 4 of its webmaster affiliate program.

After a successful beta period, LionDollars has firmed all of the V4 systems and processes, ported several webmasters over from the previous system and begun using its new system for delivering promotional tools.

Among the features or LionDollars V4 are three new solo-girl sites (, and, MGPs and FHGs for each solo-girl site, user-definable escort RSS feeds, solo-girl movie and picture RSS feeds, and GEOIP ad tools for dating, escort and solo-girl sites.

"V4 of the LionDollars program is the result of 18 months or more of meticulous planning, design and building, as well some extraordinary efforts by the LionDollars technical and design teams," said Lindsay, aka CuriousToyBoy. "The result is the incredible foundation for continued future growth and expansion, and a significant alteration in the business model of the LionDollars program and organization."

Lindsay said LionDollars now is a true "by application only" affiliate program that "is not at all about cherry-picking high-end affiliates."


"It's about ensuring the webmasters we are working with will be successful," he said. "Whether its one join per week or 100 joins per day, LionDollars' efforts and resource application tools and support will be much better spent working with what we have learned from years of experience about the types of people that have been successful in working with us."

Affiliates are required to complete an application, which will be evaluated and considered for approval. If approved, affiliate accounts will be subject to continuing monitoring to ensure that mutually beneficial relationships are maintained.

For more information, visit or contact CuriousToyBoy at [email protected] or at 293-070-684 on ICQ.