Lifestyle Money to Offer New Adult Friendly Payment Solution

LONDONLifestyle Money, aware that banks and the traditional financial sector have not supported the adult, sex tech, cannabis and other niche business sectors for years, is setting out to bring needed change with the launch of their digital wallet. The digital wallet provides users with the ability to transact online, in-store or in person with a wide selection of currencies from dollars, pounds, euro’s, crypto, gold and more in an instant.

The digital wallet has been developed using the latest blockchain technology to offer some key features that benefits both the consumers, businesses and individual performers/ content creators that use it.

Offering both personal and business accounts within the wallet, performers/content creators will no longer have the worry of giving out their real name as they must with some other prominent services. For all, there is full banking KYC to aid with age verification and security and with all transactions logged within the blockchain Lifestyle Money says it is able to reduce chargebacks to "close to zero."

For business, the company will be offering bespoke rate packages that cover both in and out transactions to ensure savings of up to 50% on current merchant and payment rates.

Prior to launch, Lifestyle Money is offering all that join the waitlist to download the wallet the chance to win gold worth $125 (£100) upon launch. To be in with a chance of winning, register at and the more you share the higher up the waitlist you go and will be able to download sooner.

Ideal for travel or sending funds overseas, in wallet marketing, gift cards, the Lifestyle Money Digital Wallet says it is proud to be able to support these business sectors that have been under supported and over charged for too long. 

For more information, email [email protected].