Lew Rubens Launches Production Consultancy, Website

SAN FRANCISCO - Lew Rubens, a rope bondage expert, has started Lew Rubens Productions, a rope bondage, rigging and suspension production, training, and safety consultancy for adult and fetish filmmakers, photographers, producers, and performers.

Rubens has also relaunched BoundNDetermined.com, a fetish and bondage content site.

Rubens previously worked as the longtime webmaster of WaterBondage.com for Kink.com and also served as a bondage consultant for all of Kink.com's sites.

Lew Rubens Productions will provide scene development, management, directorial, production services, and rope bondage, rigging and suspension innovation training, with an emphasis on performer, crew, and production set safety. In addition, Rubens will continue to offer both individualized and group classes in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and at other future national and international fetish and adult events.

LewRubens.com will undergo a major redesign, affiliate program implementation, and extensive and regular photography and video content updates.

Rubens credits Kink.com, one of the most revolutionary online providers of fetish content in the world, with refining his prodigal bondage talents and honing his business and management skills to, he says, "the point that launching my own consultancy and relaunching my website, better than before, was not only well within the realm of possibilities, but also reality."

For more information, visit BoundNDetermined.com.