Leathers Replaces Olson as Face of Sugar Daddy Site

SUGARVILLE, USA—Sydney Leathers, who knows a thing or two about mutually beneficial arrangements (MBAs), has been hand-picked by sugar daddy website Arrangement Finders to replace former Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olson as the face of sugar baby perfection for the company. The gig, as with Olson, will have Leathers' face plastered coast-to-coast on billboards strategically placed near colleges and affluent areas to attract both daddies and babies to the site.

According to the New York Daily News, "The 23-year-old former sexting partner of ... disgraced Democrat [Anthony Weiner] has been dabbling in the porn industry, booking gigs at strip clubs, topless bars and even crashing Weiner's election night party in Manhattan."

Now, it adds, "Sydney Leathers is supplanting Charlie Sheen's porn pal to endorse the online service known to cater to bombshells looking for a doting sugar daddy."

As far as Arrangement Finders is concerned, Leathers fits the site like a glove. "Sydney personifies the upwardly mobile sugar daddy community perfectly," said spokesperson A.J. Perkins, "and we're excited to have her on board!"

The News, being a New York rag, also dutifully notes that while Leathers has a new gig, Weiner remains "out of a job." No word on Leathers' remuneration for the high-visibility assignment.

Earlier this year, Leathers portrayed herself in the Vivid parody Sydney Leathers: Weiner and Me.