Large Stacks Affiliate Program Goes Live

LAS VEGAS - Affiliate program Large Stacks has been launched and will pay webmasters $55 per $1 trial join in February.


"Our program is built for a variety of webmasters, so it wouldn't make sense to limit the promotion with volume or days of the week," said S.A.K., CEO of Large Stacks. "If you only send one sign-up a week, we want your business just as much as someone that sends 50 a day.


"Paying $55 per $1 trial join to everyone is our way of reaching out to the masses. We didn't build this program for a few webmasters. We built it for all webmasters."


Large Stacks features a variety of niches, including creampie (Cream Holes), booty (Tons OF Booty), ebony (Juicy and Black), wife/MILF (Wives and MILFS) and porn star (Hot Chicks Love Dicks). All niches include fresh TGP galleries, banners and ads.


"We are content-focused," S.A.K. said. "Our tours utilize a wide-screen format with crystal-clear images. Surfers want movies, [so] we intend to sell them on a theatrical look."


Large Stacks processes through its own merchant account, which enables the company to accept merchant cross-sales from willing programs.


For more information, send email to [email protected]