KSEX Vice President Joe Brandi Resigns During Show

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Joe Brandi, vice president of KSEX, resigned Wednesday night in an on-air phone call during Program Director Lorraine "Lorrainiac" Summers' show.


"People sometimes have different ideas about the paths a company should take, and I finally arrived at a decision that it just wasn't a good fit," Brandi told AVN Online. "KSEX owner Jon Belinkie and I just had too many issues that we did not agree with, in respects to people and business operations.


"I would still like to wish everyone at KSEX good luck, and, hopefully, one day down the road, our paths will cross again. I have no hard feelings, and I don't believe anyone there does either. It's just business. I have received many emails from the staff wishing me luck, which means a lot to me."


"KSEX is nothing if not a magnet for controversy," Belinkie told AVN Online. "Joe resigned on air during Lorraine's show, and while it's unfortunate to have management changes during the holidays, Joe felt the timing was right. KSEX is very thankful for the areas that have grown under him, and we all respect his abilities. Joe was never an owner of the team, which makes it easier during the transition, but we wish him well."


Belinkie said he is focusing on finding a replacement for Brandi and plans to fill the position very soon.


"People should stay tuned in to see who comes in on the rear end," he said. "I have a few prospects, and we will be making an announcement when we get back on the air Jan. 2 after our holiday break, which starts this Friday."


However, Belinkie said an announcement could be made on the air as soon as Friday night.


Brandi joined the KSEX team in May after the on-air dismissal of Program Director Wayne C. "Wankus" Lewis.