Korean Google Video Inundated with Illegal Videos

Google Video's Korean version has become flooded with illegal clips of pornography and copyrighted content despite powerful search technology, according to The Chosun Ilbo.

Google Video displays millions of clips, sought through the Web from overseas services including MySpace, as well as major domestic video-sharing sites such as Daum TV Pot.

Unfortunately for Google, significant trouble is surfacing surrounding its negligence over uploaded copyrighted videos.

Google Video's "smart" searches find both local and overseas websites, facilitating the location of illegal videos.

Google Korea's Head of Communication Lois Kim confirmed that illegal videos are available, but added, "The responsibility rests with each individual site that owns these illegal videos. It's Google's judgment that we're not responsible, because we're just searching information."

Google seems determined to maintain freedom of information and is reluctant to enforce restrictions on its search function.

Google maintains a system to protect minors called "SafeSearch," a function that automatically filters pornographic search results for users who don't pass the adult authentication process. Google employs an automated system, but domestic Web portals are beginning to filter search results using laborious human monitoring.