Kissa Sins Takes on White, Dupree in 'Corruption' Update

CYBERSPACE—Kissa Sins faces off with reigning AVN Female and Male Performers of the Year Angela White and Markus Dupree in a new update this week on from her star showcase The Corruption of Kissa Sins.

"I knew from the first five seconds of video, after me and my camera were covered with squirt and oil, that this was going to be an insane throw down," Jordan said. "I literally had to wear a hazmat suit just filming! I've never seen so many fluids being consumed and devoured. These guys were like pigs in the mud having fun. There was so much to capture, and when i'm laughing the whole time behind the camera you know its going to be good! This was the most epic three-way i've ever shot." 
Echoed White, "This is the best three-way sex scene i've done in my career and one of the craziest sexual experiences of my life. The chemistry and connection between Kissa, Markus and myself is incredible in this no holds barred, all-anal, oily squirtfest. The energy and intensity is off the charts! This is a must see scene for fans and an experience I will never forget."
"It's next level performance!" Dupree offered. "When I say it, I mean it, because I know what's good. Can you imagine being in the same scene with Mike Tyson (Kissa Sins), and Muhammad Ali (Angela White) and it's 12 bottles of oil and it's nonstop squirting? How many people can handle that? And of course with 'God' shooting that."
For her part, Sins herself exclaimed, "I'm so excited about this scene! I felt like the day would never come ... and when it did it was spectacular! The chemistry and energy between myself, Angela and Markus is out of this world, and I love them both so much! I remember within seconds of the scene starting we soaked Jules with oil and squirt, the whole day was outrageous, it was so fun! Enjoy our craziness." 
This scene is available on the paysite in 1080 and 4k resolution, and also on DVD at adult retailers nationwide.
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